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Two of my buddies and I were at the local Go-Go bar checking out the action after a long, hard day walking the steel in 95 degree weather. We were throwing down some cold ones watching this long, lanky blonde strutting her stuff. She had a great ass and legs but didn't have much in the way of tits. I motioned to her to come over and held up a dollar bill. She headed our way, dancing, never missing a beat, while giving us a sultry smile and running her tongue over her lips. When she reached me I started talking to her, asking her what her name was and all that idle chat bullshit. Her name was Jen, short for Jennifer she told me. She held her bikini type top away from her body allowing me to place the dollar bill inside it. As I put the dollar inside her top I rubbed my fingers over her nipple. She reached for my hand, pressed it to her tit, and then moved my hand away. She smiled sexily and danced away to another patron holding up a bill. As was usual, the conversation turned to how much we would like to fuck this dancer and all the usual talk that ensues after one of these ""close encounters"". After awhile, not feeling much pain, thanks to the Coors, I held up another dollar and Jen came over. I asked what time she got through and she said that she finished dancing at 11:00 p.m. I asked her if she wanted to go out after she got off and go for a drink or get something to eat. She, somewhat to my surprise, replied that she would like that and we could go right after she got off.


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