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Well, a couple of hours passed and it was finally 11 o'clock. She left the dance floor and went in the back room to change into her street clothes. When she came out I almost fell off the stool! She was wearing the tightest jeans that I had ever seen, six inch spiked heels, and what had to be the skimpiest halter top she could wear without getting arrested. Her jeans were so tight that the seam of the crotch was pulled up into her slit forcing her cunt lips to bulge invitingly on either side of the seam. My buddy nudged me with his elbow nodding his envious approval. By now my cock was standing up straight and as hard as the steel toe in my boot! She came over, smiled sexily, took me by the arm, and we were on our way. She said she didn't mind if my buddies came along which was a damned good thing since I had the only wheels! Her car was being repaired and she had taken a taxi to work. We grabbed a couple of six packs and ice on the way out and filled the cooler in my van.


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